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1st Quarter of 2012


Home Smoke Detector Install Program

Home Smoke Detector Install Program


 Home Smoke Detector Campaign

On June 24th 2011 the Fire District received a fiscal year 2010 FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety - Assistance to Firefighters Grant in the amount of $29,783 of which the District will match $1,567 for a total program cost of $31,350.  With this grant money the District will purchase one thousand UL listed dual ionization & photo electric smoke detectors with ten year lithium batteries, twenty detectors for the deaf/hard of hearing, a Buzz E. Smoke Alarm animated smoke alarm for teaching fire prevention and life safety education and fire prevention/safety literature.

The goal of the program is to increase safety for residents and firefighters within Fire District 12 by installing working smoke detectors and providing home safety inspections to reduce injuries related to fires and falls free of charge.  This program is available to all residents within Fire District 12 however; we plan to specifically target residents 65 and older, households with children under 5, disabled residents, those that speak little to no English, impoverished households and rental properties. 

Once a list of addresses is populated both from phone-in requests and our target residents we will categorize the addresses into zones and begin a door to door campaign within neighborhoods as well as scheduled appointments, we anticipate being ready to hit the streets in late summer.  A smoke detector cannot alert you if it is sitting in the box so our members will install the detectors in your home or assist you in the installation, as an added bonus we will conduct a safety inspection of your home to assist you in recognizing potential hazards related to fires and life safety.

To be on the list to receive this service please phone our administrative office (966-3111) Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, or click here  to submit your request, we will need your name, address and phone number. 

If you know someone that fits our target audience please have them contact us or if you own rental property in Fire District 12 please contact us to get on the list. 

This program is only available to residents in Fire District 12, if you are unsure if you meet that requirement you can check your 2011 property tax statement, County Assessor or contact us to find out if you are a Fire District 12 patron.