West Valley Firefighters

Quarterly Newsletter

1st Quarter of 2012


Administration Division

Administration Division

The Administration Division provides assistance to department personnel with research and production of policies and procedures; preparation and management of all payroll and financial transactions; budget development and management; maintenance of employee and departmental records; support for employee disputes -- grievance resolutions, personnel and safety matters.

Along with numerous day-to-day clerical projects, the Administration Division is responsible for maintaining the files, assisting with the operational memo's, typing Policy & Procedures Manual and Standard Operating Guidelines, assisting the Fire Prevention division with public education programs, data entry for training records, fire and medical incident reports, typing fire investigation reports, and updating and maintaining personnel files. The Administrative Division also publishes a quarterly newsletter, assists with the West Valley Fire Department promotional examination process.

The Division is also responsible for accounts payable/receivable, preparing payroll for all fire department personnel, processing purchase orders, making arrangements for all travel and out of town training, and assisting with the annual budget.

We now provide responses to a wide variety of emergencies and non-emergencies in the community. These responses can consist of three engine companies, one rescue and a Chief for a house fire, or a Firefighter doing a preplan of a commercial building, an EMS call, or a simple telephone call that answers a concerned citizen's question. What we provide to our community is "customer service".

This customer service concept is about delivering a variety of programs, services, and related activities funded by the community. Our main intent is to reinforce our solid foundation of providing customer service internally and externally.

"Customer Service" is and should be the focal point of public service organizations. Providing outstanding service to our community has always been West Valley Fire Department's number one goal.  As public sector employees, we have committed to a career that demands not only tremendous amounts of commitment but also personal sacrifice in the interest of public safety. Answering a question raised by a lost citizen or business is as important to that person as is quick medical intervention on an EMS call.

It is important to remember that every call for help is important to the caller regardless of the type of request. Emergencies and calls for help occur 24 hours a day. Our duty is to respond quickly, regardless of the type of call for service, with a positive, professional attitude and to do our very best every time. As members of the West Valley Fire Department, we understand this and recognize that providing outstanding customer service is important