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1st Quarter of 2012


Policy 2108: Sick Leave

Policy 2108: Sick Leave



YAKIMA, WA  98908


POLICY #                                                      2108     


COMMISSION CHAIR SIGNATURE       s/b  Jim Merritt, Chair


EFFECTIVE DATE:                                    1-97

REVISED:                                                     5/13/08

REVISED:                                                     3/12/13


POLICY TITLE:                                           SICK LEAVE


RESCINDS:                                                  POLICY 2129 “FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE ACT” EFFECTIVE 4-11-00


REFERENCE:                                             RCW 49.12.270- .295


1.0       PURPOSE


The purpose of the Sick Leave Policy is to allow full-time employees to take time off work with pay in order to care for themselves and their immediate family members due to serious health conditions.





Immediate Family:   Persons related by blood or marriage or legal adoption in the degree of close relationship of spouse, parent and child of the employee.




Sick leave is available to the full-time employee after serving one consecutive month of employment.  Casual, intermittent, volunteer, or occasional/seasonal employment shall be considered temporary or part-time employment and shall not be covered by the provisions of this policy.


3.1       ACCRUAL


Full time Employees earn one day of sick leave for the first month of employment, and one day for every continuous calendar month of service.  The day earned is based on the employees regularly scheduled work day 8, 10, 12 or 24 hour day depending on the position and their regular schedule.  Sick leave is accumulated to a total of 480 working hours.  No sick leave will be accrued over 480 hours.  Upon separation of employment for whatever reason, other than termination caused by a disability, any unused sick leave will be forfeited and not paid out as separation pay.


4.0       USE


Sick leave may be taken for any of the following reasons:


4.1       Illness or injury or temporary disability which incapacitates the employee to the extent that work can no longer be performed.  Exposure to a contagious disease that would jeopardize the health of fellow employees or the public.  When the employee is unable to perform essential functions of their job because of a serious health condition.


                        4.2       Doctor appointments for employee or immediate family.


4.3       Emergency illness or death in the immediate family requiring the attendance of the employee.  Leave for such reasons shall be limited to five days in any one instance.


4.4       Sick leave cannot be used for employees on annual leave or compensatory time, unless the employee immediately informs the Chief of the illness.  Upon return to work the employee must present a written doctor’s certification stating the nature, extent and length of the illness.


4.5       In the event an employee’s sick leave is exhausted the Chief may grant leave without pay.  No credit for sick leave not earned will be granted.



5.0       REPORTING           


Any employee, who for what ever reason, who must take sick leave, shall, as soon as possible, notify the Chief or his designee.  The Chief may require certification of illness, at the time the employee returns from an illness or absence of five or more days.  Abuse of sick leave can result in immediate disciplinary action.