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Chief's Monthly Report

Chief's Monthly Report

Fire Department

Monthly Progress Report

 West Valley Fire Department

Yakima County Fire District 12

For the Meeting of January 9, 2018


Agenda Topic:            Department Monthly Progress Report

Prepared By:              Chief Nathan Craig

Date Prepared:          January 4, 2017 

The primary purpose of this report is to keep the Board of Fire Commissioners informed as to the activities and progress on major programs or objectives.  The items listed, as near as possible, are in priority order.  As a second purpose, this report will be shared with the Officers Management Team and all fire personnel.


After all the testing and interviews we ended up bringing a total of 14 new recruits on the Department. Orientation has occurred and recruit school is underway.

Firefighter Duncan McLeod has returned from leave.  Firefighter Natalie Rivera has been granted a 12 month leave of absence.  Firefighter Nick Jones has resigned.

Starting January we have 93 volunteers, 72 in service for combat firefighting, 11 in service for support and 7 out of service on leave.  Our total number of members with volunteers, staff and Commissioners is 103 members.

Department Training and Safety: By Captain Jim Johnston

December Drills included:  Equipment Check / Station Drill, Search & Rescue (Stations 51 & 53), Gilbert Fruit Walk-thru (Stations 52 & 54), Station Pride & Ownership, and Performance Review. 

Developed the January Drill Schedule: Equipment Check / Station Drill & 1st Quarter SCBA Quarterly, Size-Up Evolutions, RIT / Mayday, Vent Saw Basics, and State of the Department.

During December I spent a lot of time honing in on the curriculum and lesson plans for the Advanced First Aid Class.  Lieutenants Pedersen, Scully, and Haubrich have all stepped up to provide instruction for the class; all three of them are very active in EMS instruction and will do a great job training our personnel.

Strategic Planning:

Following the December 12th planning meeting we have updated the plan with suggested changes and developed an implementation schedule.  I anticipate after our January 9th meeting having the plan 90% complete and have already began implementing portions of the plan for 2018.

Recruitment & Retention:  By LT Chris Lyons

In December the applicants that were selected to join the Department were instructed to schedule times to complete the medical physical portion of the process. We started recruit school with thirteen Firefighters and one Support/Rehab. We had two Firefighters and one Support person pull their application before they completed the medical physical, all three were due to commitments outside the Department.

I have been in contact with Norm at Eagle Signs and the installation of the sign should be starting by the middle of January. I have downloaded the program for the sign and been learning how it works. Once the sign is up and operational it will be a great way to get our message across to the community and our members.


In December there were a total of 73 incidents in District (5 fires, 48 EMS, 3 hazardous conditions, 4 service calls, 2 false alarms and 11 good intents), 67 of those incidents were handled by our personnel.           

Incidents:                                        YTD                                                    

Station 51                   15                   157

Station 52                   16                   165     

Station 53                   10                  73

Station 54                   2                     47

Station 50                   24                    259

Yakima                        6                     62

YTD                                                  763

Ambulance only         10                    40

Automatic Aid Received (both agencies respond)   Automatic Aid Given              

From Highland           0                                  To Highland                1

From Yakima              1                                  To Yakima                   4

From Gleed                 0

YTD                 19                                            YTD                 52       

Mutual Aid Received         0            Mutual Aid Given       0                                YTD                 1                                           YTD                 34       

Three incidents resulted in damage last month totaling $50,750.  One vehicle fire accounted for $500, a livestock outbuilding accounted for $250 and a fire in the crawl space of a $272,000 home caused $50,000 in damage mostly from creating access to the fire.

Fire Prevention / Public Education: By Captain Jim Johnston

December was a very slow month for any Prevention / Public Education opportunities due to the holiday season.

On December 20th, I met up with the Yakima County Fire Marshal’s Office at a homeowner’s property in the Falcon Ridge Development to discuss Firewise options.

CTE Program / Cadet Program:  By LT Chris Lyons

With the holidays, I only had the students for two weeks in December. In that time we were able to work on search techniques, ladders, and hoisting. The end of the first semester is approaching and we have been working on finals for the second year students/cadets. Moving into January we will be working on how to take hydrants and establish a water supply as well as starting the chapters on building construction and fire behavior.


We are still cycling all SCBA bottles through their first 5 year hydro test.  This month the diesel exhaust filter is being installed on Rescue 54 and the auto air eject is scheduled for install on Engine 52.

The Station 52 project is on track and is scheduled to go out to bid this month.


The Fairway development at 64th and Ahtanum is scheduled for annexation this year. Because the area is still under development based on the current assessed value the loss of this area equates to $3,132 in revenue for the District.  The annexation is strictly for the developed area, it doesn’t include Ahtanum Road or anything to the east or north.

I have not heard from the county commissioners regarding the EMS levy formula, I plan to wait through the month of January before initiating contact.


Our SAFER hiring grant is complete and we have submitted our final payment of $36,798.  We also submitted our annual EMS trauma grant in the amount of $1,222 for 2018. I plan to use these funds in the new pager purchase this March. 

The FEMA grant program I discussed last month was voted on and approved through September 30, 2024, both SAFER and Fire Equipment programs will be funded at $750 million each.

Good of the Order:

Washington Fire Chiefs and Commissioners are holding their joint legislative day January 25th in Olympia. 

The annual Department awards banquet is schedule for February 24th and the Easter Egg hunt for March 31st.


Nathan Craig

Fire Chief