West Valley Firefighters

Quarterly Newsletter

1st Quarter of 2012


Chief's Monthly Report

Chief's Monthly Report

West Valley Fire Department

Yakima County Fire District 12

For the Meeting June 11th, 2024


Agenda Topic:            Department Monthly Progress Report

Prepared By:              Chief Nathan Craig

Date Prepared:           June 6, 2024


The primary purpose of this report is to keep the Board of Fire Commissioners informed as to the activities and progress on major programs or objectives.  The items listed, as near as possible, are in priority order.  As a second purpose, this report will be shared with the Officers Management Team and all fire personnel.



Starting June our total on-call Members is 76, 60 operations, and 13 support.  We have 3 on leave.  Our total number of personnel is 87.


In May there were a total of 79 alarms in District, 7 were ambulance only calls.

Incidents:                                                 YTD                   Incidents by Zone       YTD Zone               

Station 51                   12                   42                                23                    96 (29%)

Station 52                   15                   68                                24                    127 (39%)

Station 53                   13                  51                                19                    78 (24%)

Station 54                   5                     19                                6                       25 (8%)

Station 50                   27 (0-Duty)     146                                                        326

Yakima                        0                     5

Ambulance Only         7 (1 Lift)          56

Total                                               387


Incident Type:                        Month            Type                                                                YTD

            Fire                              8                      3 vehicle, 5 brush                                           37

            EMS                             56                    47 EMS, 6 MVC, 3 AMA                                  286

            Hazardous Condition      1                      Electrical                                                        11

            Service Call                   2                      2 Lift (1amb)                                                  19

            Good Intent                 10                    2 Outdoor Burning, 2 Smoke, 6 cancel               19

            False Alarm                  2                      AFA                                                                 14



Action Taken:                         Month            Type                                                                YTD

            Canceled enroute       7                                                                                              33

            Extinguishment          7                                                                                              29

            Provide BLS               48                                                                                            238

            Assist Invalid              2                                                                                              20

            Investigate                13                                                                                            33

            Other                        1                                                                                              9


Automatic Aid Received (both agencies respond)    Automatic Aid Given                                    

From Highland            0                                  To Highland                 1

From Yakima               0                                  To Yakima                   0

From Gleed                 0                                  To BIA                        0

YTD                   6                                              YTD                 8         


Mutual Aid Received             0                                  Mutual Aid Given       3 (Dist 1, 4, 5)

            YTD                           0                                              YTD                 5         


We had $6k in losses from vehicle fires.



Response Times: (Target= within 1 mile of station 8 minutes or less, add 2 minutes every mile after) Qualifying Alarms: 57mo, 262yr, Target met: mo. 41 (72%) yr. 187 (71%), Target not met: mo. 16 (28%) yr. 75 (29%).

Department Training and Safety: By DC Jim Johnston

May Drills included: Equipment Check / Station Drill, OTEP Workshop B – (Head, Face, Neck & Spine Injuries), Strategic Planning / Image Trend Training, Water Supply & Hose Handling, and Hose Testing

Developed the June Drill Schedule: Equipment Check / Station Drill, EVIP Rodeo / FIT Test, EVIP Road Course, and Special Emergencies (Energy Storage Systems).

On May 1st Lt Pfaff lead refresher training for the group of Sawers in the district, then followed up with practical training on May 11th.

On May 4th we held a Saturday practical drill per the request of some of our Members, five attended the training.

On May 8th the Safety and Training Committee met for the second quarter meeting.

On May 11th four Members attended a Mass Casualty training drill with several departments in the valley.

I attended an Incident Command training class at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland from May 18th to the 25th.

On May 20th a technician from FireBlast Global performed a preventative maintenance inspection on our Burn Trailor.

Recruitment / Retention: By DC Jim Johnston

The application period for our August Recruit Academy closed on May 31st, we received 11 applications, (4 Firefighter & 7 Cadets).  Physical testing and interviews took place on June 8th.

Myself and Deputy Chief Lamoureux from East Valley have been discussing a countywide recruit academy which would include District 5, East Valley, West Valley, and possibly Selah.  This was discussed at the Staff / Commissioner Retreat, the Training Officers from the agencies will be meeting to discuss logistics of this in the near future.  If this is approved by the agency Chiefs, the class will start in January and finish in May.  More to come.

Fire Prevention/Public Education: By Officer Boisselle

On May 2nd the District hosted WV FFA Farm Day. It is estimated that over 800 kids were in attendance.


On May 16th Cpt Haubrich participated in a senior expo at the Harmon Center handing out Fire Safety and Falls information.


Two EMT’s did stand by for the Wiley City Rodeo on May 18th and 19th.


On May 28th we had a preschool group of 28 kiddos come to Station 51 for a tour, and on the 31st ninety 2nd graders from Wide Hollow came for a field trip/tour.  We partnered with AMR and YSO to come and show off their apparatus and give the students safety information as well.


Budget/Finance: By Officer Boisselle

I will be working on the mid-year budget review and should have ready for the July 9th meeting.


We are moving ahead with implementing Pro QA for 911 EMS calls, onboarding is planned for July 31st.  The Fire Marshal’s office has updated the procedures for fire investigation callouts to match RCW. Districts are still asked to determine origin and cause wherever possible, however, they have provided as list of circumstances where they need to be notified.


The new Brush 52 is back in town from being fitted with the flatbed and boxes, Sea Western Yakima is completing the work on the rest of the truck.  The expected delivery date for the Battalion command vehicle is today, anticipating its arrival soon we have specified and provided a purchase order for the emergency lights and radios.

This month we will be purchasing equipment to test our nozzles per standards, improving safety with roto-ray lights on two engines and ordered logo wear for all Members.

Strategic Plan:


A planning meeting was held with each station last month to provide information for this year’s update, that information along with the citizen survey was reviewed during our planning retreat.  The first committee meeting is June 11th.  On the agenda is review all information, mission, vision, values and beliefs then evaluate objectives and strategies for each priority.  The July meeting will focus on strategies and actions to meet the objectives outlined in June.



We were notified we will not receive a canned water grant this year.


Good of the Order:


During the Washington Association of School Administrators South Central Region banquet we were awarded the WVSD Community Leadership Award.



Nathan Craig

Fire Chief